.srl 域名

.srl 域名 - 新通用顶级域名

A common acronym in Spanish, Italian and Romanian that translates to the English equivalent of “limited liability corporation,” .SRL is meant to create a namespace for merchants and businesspeople operating SRLs worldwide. If run by applicant Google, .SRL would function as a restricted registry available only to those meeting certain criteria defined by Google; however, the German corporation mySRL has applied as well, proposing to run .SRL as an open registry available to anyone.

.srl 注册局/注册机构信息

注册机构:InterNetX Corp.

.srl 价格

注册 ¥378.00
续费 ¥378.00
转入 ¥378.00
赎回 ¥378.00 + 续费费用

.srl 格式

最小长度 2 characters
最大长度 63 characters
数字 Allowed (full-numeric)
连字符(-) Allowed (middle only)
IDN 支持 不允许