.blog Domain Names

.blog Domain Name - 新通用顶级域名

Although blogging is a widely used personal journaling platform, blogs now encompass more than just the private sphere. Over 60 percent of businesses currently use a blog to help facilitate inbound site traffic and to establish their expertise and credibility, meaning that .BLOG is a TLD not just for individual bloggers, but also for businesses looking to expand. .BLOG offers a domain extension for bloggers, blogging platforms, blog apps, and anyone else who is connected to the blogging world.

.blog Registry Information

Registry: Automattic

.blog Price

Register ¥280.00
Renew ¥280.00
Transfer ¥280.00
RGP ¥280.00 + (Renewal fee)

.blog Format

Minimum Length 2 characters
Maximum Length 63 characters
Numbers Allowed (full-numeric)
Hyphen Allowed (middle only)
IDN Supported Not allowed